Interest Groups meeting around Orlando

Our guild is now rich with more than 100 members.  We had such a growth since our first meeting!  We have recognised that it might feel intimidating for new (and not so new) members. A couple of years ago, the Board has launched the 'Interests groups' initiative.  Since then, small gatherings have been held in various parts of Orlando, focusing on different techniques and interests.

The EPPSewcial group lead by René has met twice recently.  Once downtown at The Sanctum, and then more recently at The Little Thimble Craft room in Kissimmee.  Looking at the happy faces and witnessing the discussions around the table, you understand how valuable these groups are for getting to know each other, getting inspired and finding more local gems.

Recently, Claudia animated a class on Sun printing.  Look at those beautiful samples, they just make you want to try it, don't they?  Then you are in luck, Beth and Claudia are going to host another session, probably in September.  Put your name of the list.

The Improv group had a meeting too, organised by Sarah.  Lots of discussions around the table about inspiration, letting go of the rules while working with a limited number of parameters, using the Black and White setting of one's camera to understand and balance values, starting the Improv journey under the guidance of Sherri Lynn Wood's book, The Improv Handbook for Modern Quilters (available in our library).


  1. Love this idea of Inspiration Groups, especially for a larger MQG chapter. Central Florida MQG isn't quite there yet, but... Thank you for sharing!


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