Thursday, June 13, 2019

June Newsletter

Issue 41

June 1st, 2019

Hello Quilty Friends,

Here we are, Summer has come with high temperatures, humidity... All the things we (I) love (not).  If you are like me and going to spend a bit more time indoors, it is probably the perfect time to tackle the clutter in the sewing room (if you don't have clutter in your sewing space, you're welcome to come and organise mine). Here are several ideas for you!
  1. Bring those patterns, kits, rulers and tools, books and magazines, all the notions, to our Tools and Notions sales at next week's General meeting.  We will have $1, $2 and $3 tables.  As you arrive at the meeting with your donations properly marked, place them on the relevant table.  Don't forget to bring your check book (preferred method of payment) or lots of small bills...
  2. Have spare fabric and looking for an easy sewing project? Why not make a drawstring bag for children aging out of foster care? This bag would be used for his/her belongings instead of a trash bag they currently are given. (see details below)
  3. How many machines do you have? How many machines do you use?  Is that possible that you have some machines that could go to a good home?  The Sewing Machine Project is an organisation that collects and donates sewing machines and tools to the community, see the article in the Quilty Happening section.
On the subject of organisation and plotting for fun time, if you are a Member of the Orlando MQG, check your email box for details about our November Retreat.

Questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the newsletter are welcome, please email me. I would also love to hear of any quilty news or ideas for content you'd like to share.  Constructive feedback is always welcome.

Happy stitching,

Caroline Garnier
  • Wednesday, June 5th is our Guild meeting at The Sewing Studio : 10-11:45.
    Overflow parking is permitted at the gas station next door when The Sewing Studio lot is full.
    NO food or drinks other than water are allowed in The Sewing Studio Classroom.
  • June SewDays are:
    • Maitland - June 10th (10am-3pm)
    • Dr Phillips - June 1st (10am-1:30pm) - we know you all have been missing our full-day Sew Days at Dr Phillips.  Thanks to RenĂ©, they are back.  Check the blog for the full calendar.
    • Oviedo - June 29th (9am-3pm)
  • August General Meeting has been moved to August 14th, 10am-11:45pm at the Sewing Studio.
  • Bring your Block Lotto block(s). Each block made earns you one ticket in the raffle of ALL blocks. The more blocks you make, the better your chance of winning! Here are the block's details.  Also, we hope that you are making an extra block for you to keep.
  • All books checked out from the Guild library need to be returned by Wednesday's meeting. If you checked out a book but will not attend the meeting, please make arrangements to give the book to someone who will. Check the link on our blog to see what books are in our inventory and to add books to the ongoing wish list.
  • Members receive a 15% discount at The Sewing Studio on guild meeting days and a 10% discount on non-meeting days. 
  • Block of the Month (current and past) instructions, meeting minutesCalendar dates, and more can be found on the guild blog.
    Jan Bilbro

    Have spare fabric and looking for an easy sewing project? Why not make a drawstring bag for children aging out of foster care? This bag would be used for his/her belongings instead of a trash bag they currently are given. 

    There are two ways you can help:

    1. Make a large drawstring bag. Using just basic measurements, no 2 bags are exactly alike. The fabric really doesn't matter! The width can be between 40" and 44" and the length 33" to 36". Smaller pieces can be sewn together, too. A channel can be folded over 1" on the longer side to run the cord through. And voila you have a bag! (So many tutorials online if needed like: diy-drawstring baglarge bag tutorial, or Drawstring bag Video- but these tutorials have different size dimensions!) Bring your bag to monthly meetings or sew days for Jan B. to collect.

    2. Bring any fabric you no longer need to Jan B. and she will make them with your donations. (Fabric can be any size/color and cording or thin rope would be ideal. Leftover bias tape or binding can also be folded then sewn to use, too!)

    Thank you for helping to send kids out with a bag of their own!
      Beth Schmidt

      We are the Orlando MQG! But...we have so many other talents. One that jumps out at me each time I read a member's blog, is cooking!

      I need something from each of you for my next icebreaker. Please write down your "Favorite" recipe and send it to me via email, or bring it to the meeting. Please note where you got the recipe (if you can remember). You can also just take a picture of the recipe with your smart phone camera and text it to me. Just be sure to add your name so I know who it's from. (This is my favorite way of gathering recipes. Taking a picture is fast and easy!) (text it to me at 4079021315.)

      If you are like me (before I joined this "quilt" guild), and don't cook, please send me a note saying that. Or bring one to the meeting. Thank you so much! I can't wait to see how this turns out!

      Your Member At Large
      text 4079021315
        Kelly Eskin

        The QuiltCon charity quilt theme this year is TEXT!  Kathy Aber is leading the subcommittee working on the quilt.  Black, white and gray are the predominate colors the team will use.  If you would like to be apart of the group working on the quilt, please speak with Kathy.

        The Festival of Trees subcommittee is being led by Kate Elliott and Diana Mattoni.  If you would like to be a part of this quilt and group, please speak with one of these ladies.

        We are creating quilts for the Zebra Coalition this year.  Our goal is 25 twin-size quilts by next February.  We have geographical teams and a viritual team set up to help us meet this goal.  If you weren't able to sign up and want to - you aren't too late, please let Kelly Eskin know.  We have team leaders in place for most of the groups and work is starting to take place.  We are planning a show and tell for these quilts in October.

        Thanks! Kelly


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