General Meeting - May 1st, 2019

May 1, 2019 10 A.M.
The Sewing Studio Classroom

Welcome and Ice Breaker 
Ede opens the meeting and introduces Beth who in turn welcomes guests and new members.
Beth then breaks the ice with a game of ‘finish the sentence’.  For those who haven’t been to the meeting check out if you can finish the sentences yourself.  Here are some possibilities:

…free fabric… quilting makes me skinny…
…I didn’t take all the chances I could have…
…I wish I have bought that fabric…
…when sewing wasn’t cool…
…a sewing machine…full of fabric…
…regular grandma…only cooler…

Beth introduces Claudia Dyer’s workshops - if you are interested in dying fabric with acrylic, please sign or email Beth.  This is a free class, the date has not been set yet, but will most probably be by the end of May at Beth’s home.

Yanick introduces  our 10-month long celebration of the creation of our Guild - #10yearsinthemaking.  We are looking forward to sharing members' stories from the past 10 years.  Also in order to kickstart the celebrations, all past and present board members receive a special pencil and all members present at the meeting too.

Officers Report
    • August meeting date change, the meeting will now be held on the 14th of August, from 10am at the Sewing Studio.
    • Sunshine person - Thank you very much Judy for taking this important role of sending hugs and comfort to our members.

Vice President
    • Block of the Month
      Jeanne is the winner of the Carnation blocks.
      Lisa R. presents next month's BlockLotto - the Hashtag block.  The instructions are on the blog.

    • Update on interest group sign-ups
      All leaders should have received an email from Yanick with the names of the people interested in each group. All the leaders are going to reach out shortly.  You can still join any non-closed groups.
    • June meeting
      We are going to have a Table Sale.  Bring any tool, notion, book, kit, pattern, magazine (NO fabric) you want to sell.  We will have 3 tables, 3 prices ($1 $3 $5).  Items need to be brought on the day of the sale, labelled with the price and put on the appropriate table.  Also, don’t forget to bring cash.
    • Retreat
      By popular demand
      , the retreat will be back at the Ocean Walk, on the second weekend of November.  Like last year, the retreat will run from Thursday night to Monday, with a minimum of 2 nights stay.  More details will come later.

    • Financial Report
      Zonetta presents our Financial report from the past month.
    • Directory
      Zonetta thanks Paula and Caroline for all the work that went on the directory.  As a reminder, the roster is for the guild only and should not be shared.

Community Outreach
    • Zebra Coalition
      Heather Wilkie, Executive D
      irector at Zebra Coalition came to present the organisation and what they do for youth.  The Zebra Coalition is located on Mills avenue downtown and serves youth from 13 to 24.  The housing program (18+) provides 8 beds on 2 different locations.  A person can stay for approximately 90 days.  The quilts the Guild will make, will go to youths that are going through the housing program for them to take when they leave. 
      Check social media for all the
      actions, volunteers are always welcome.

      As a youth goes to the Housing programme, they also receive Case management & counselling services, in order for them to become self-sufficient.

      The Zebra Coalition is always seeking volunteers for their dropping hours but also for special events like the Prom, the Pride.  They currently accept donations of tuxedos, dresses for the prom (until the end of May)

      We will be making twin sized quilts, throwing some pillow cases if you want to.  We are going to work in teams and you are invited to put your name on the signing sheet.
    • Festival of Trees Quilt
      The signing sheet is going around, and we are looking for a volunteer or two to lead the the project.  Also, we agreed that we are happy to follow a commercial pattern if we wish too.
    • Quiltcon Charity QuiltWe are trying to do things differently this year.  The Quiltcon Charity Quilt is going to be run by a committee of volunteers and not as a guild-wide project.  There's a signing sheet going around for who is interested. 
    • Call for Block
      This is a year long project, please keep the blocks coming.  The instructions are on the blog.
    • Giucy Giuce workshop on June 9th.
      We still have a couple of places opened.  Please contact Alissa if you want to join.
      Also, Alissa will order the kits for the participants, if you haven't done so yet, please make sure you send her $56 by check by May 15th.

Library Spotlight
Aradria presents 3 books from our library.

Quilty Basket & Door Prizes

Katie A. was the big winner of this month's meeting (taking home a door prize and the Quilty basket), alongside with Mary S., CC and René

Programming - Upcycling and sustainability in quilting

Our members are very resourceful when it comes to up-cycling fabric.  There are so many projects and ideas that we are going to have a special blog post about them all.  Members are encouraged to share their resources and all will be collected and made available on the blog.

Memory Bears
Jan has invited Ramona Huff from Vitas HealthCare to speak about Memory Bears.  These bears are made out of fabric (from garment and linen) donated by family who have lost a loved one. Those bears bring comfort and joy to family members.  
Jan who has made 2000 bears for the organisation, but the demand is so hight that a family might wait up to 6 months to have their bears made.  It takes up to 6h to sew a bear.  Love suggest to do a Bear Drive during on the SewDays.

Upcycling Challenge
Yanick invites each members to create a gift for the holiday party in link with our up-cycle theme:  make anything from at least 50% of repurposed/rescued fabric, renewable/sustainable new fabrics, scraps, unusual materials, bring it to the December meeting in a paper bag (not bought but recycled) with a note explaining how the object came to life.


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