Saturday, December 29, 2018

Trunk Show

Help us with our next Orlando MQG Community Outreach Event 

What.    Trunk Show at Health Central Park Assisted Living Facility                                                                    
Where   411 N Dillard St, Winter Garden, FL 34787 
When    February 7, 2019  @ 1:00 PM

What do we need?

Assistance with the Trunk Show 
If you would like to join us and assist with the show, we will need about 5 people to help with loading and unloading and displaying the quilts.

Quilts to display 
If you have a favorite quilt that you would be willing include in the trunk show get it to Marge Cree or Kathy Aber by the February meeting.  Please have your name on it with a brief description of why and how you created it.  Your name will ensure you get it back.    Also, if you have a quilt in Maitland Library exhibit and would let us include it in the trunk show, please let us know.  We will get it back to you after the trunk show.

Quilts to donate 
If you have made a charity quilt and would like to donate to the residents have that to Marge or Kathy by the February meeting if you haven’t already done so.  Depending on how many we receive will dictate how we will distribute.  If we have enough for each resident attending, we will give them out.  If not, we will hold a raffle to give away.   
If you can assist us with any of these tasks, please let Marge Cree or Kathy Aber know.  You can reach us Marge at or Kathy at


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