Samaritan Village Quilts

Friends who quilt together, stay together!  I am sure it is an old say, and if not it should be.
A few groups around Orlando, have gathered and put all their skills together to create some wonderful quilts for the Samaritan Village Community outreach drive.
This pink HSTs is a beauty, and the makers have truly enjoyed the time spent together and the making.

Another beautiful (almost) finished quilt it this Turquoise Exploding block quilt.  You would never imagine the battle that went on withs bias edges.  You can find more about those blocks on René's blogpost here.

We have a total of 6 quilts in process (or finished) right now.  Here are a few peeks at the Yellow, Green and Blue groups.

If you want to see the finished quilts in real life, don't miss our November meeting for Show'n'Tell.

Now to found more about the Samaritan Village mission and what this organisation offers to women, go and check their website here.