Improv Bee - Blue Hive, May Prompt

Hi Blue Bees!

I'm excited to kick-off our Blue Hive Improv Bee this month!

While on our honeymoon to Japan, I became fascinated with the precise Japanese joints and patterns in woodwork and textiles and the perfectly groomed, graceful parks juxtaposed with the concepts of wabi sabiboro, and kintsugi (all ways to embrace the imperfect or repair a damaged item).

geometric patterns, groomed parks

repaired pottery with gold, boro mending, exposed tree roots

I fell in love with this piece of art glass I saw at the Toyama Art Glass Museum. This inspired my color palette: muted jewel tones, natural colors(warm and cool grey), metallic/shimmer, white and black. You do not have to include all colors in your block. Solids and modern prints are acceptable. 

In summary: create a block inspired by my trip to Japan, showcasing the duality of perfection and imperfection, geometric and organic/asymmetrical. The final block should be 10" x 16".
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