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Split Complimentary Block

Split Complimentary Block

For each block you need:
two 1” x 10” white or low volume strips
two 1.75” x 9.5” black strips
two 1.75” x 11.5” black strips
scraps in three saturated colors of solids or modern prints, a minimum of 5” long and can vary in thickness from 1” – 3”. Use at least 6 of each color

Start by choosing your scrap strip colors from the color wheel. Pick a split complimentary set of 3 by looking at their placement on the wheel, select 1 color and then its split compliments are the 2 colors on the either side of its complement. For example, I picked yellow orange, its compliment would be blue violet so its split compliments are violet and blue. Therefore my example is done with yellow orange, blue, and violet. More color theory fun like this color wheel can be found in this presentation

Organize strips by color and try to have a variety of widths.

Piece like colors together to form 3 sections about 5” x 10” each. Press seams open. 

Overlap strip sections by at least 1”. Cut on an angle through both layers. 

Repeat the angle cut for both sides of center color.

Stitch white strip between each of the color sections. Press seams toward white strip.

Trim to 9” square

Add black sashing strips to each side of block, pressing seams toward black.

Trim block to 11” square. Ta da!