Meeting Minutes - Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Wednesday, March 7, 2018
Maitland, FL


President Sarah welcomed everyone to our OMQG 8th birthday party and guild membership renewal/joining day. Members were given time to sign up to join or renew membership and choose a member gift (OMQG large tumbler with lid, OMQG journal, OMQG tape measure) and to sign up and pay to reserve a seat for the next class offered by the guild with JenCarlton-Bailey on April 21, 2018, at the Dr. Philips Public Library.

When sign-ups were done, Sarah introduced the new board: Sarah, President, Paula, Vice President, Zonetta, Treasurer, Ashley (who is out of town, so former secretary, Mary Sm, filled in taking minutes today), Secretary, Jane, Member at Large, Patti, Education Coordinator, Marge, Community Outreach Coordinator, and our Founders, Rene and Michele L. She also introduced Kelly, who is our new Librarian. Sarah presented gift certificates from the guild to all of last year’s elected officers.


Member at Large Jane explained this month’s Icebreaker. She divided the members into two groups by the aisle and whispered a message to someone in the front row on each side. When the message had been passed by whispers from person to person, front to back, she had the last person report what she’d heard. The message Jane started on each side was the same, but the two results were quite different.


Sarah reported that all members should have received the MQG email with a digital goodie bag, so we all received something from MQG, even if we did not attend QuiltCon in Pasadena on the 22nd-25th this month. She said that MQG is forming several tasks forces on a variety of issues and members wishing to be involved with the guild on that level could go to the MQG website to see if they’d like to volunteer where there are still openings.

Sarah reported that the OMQG has also formed 4 small task forces of mostly board members, including one on governance chaired by Mary W, one on programming chaired by Paula, one on Community Outreach chaired by Marge, and on one Social Media/Web, which still needs members. See Caroline or Michele L if you are interested in volunteering for that.

She reported that the guild was invited by the Art & HistoryMuseums - Maitland to have a small group of members provide quilt demonstrations at the Waterhouse Residence Museum on Lake Lily in Maitland every weekend in March as part of this year’s Art31, an annual program, this year with a theme of Fiber. Sarah pointed out that it is important to the guild that we have been recognized in this way as involved in the local arts community. Members were at the Waterhouse this past weekend and others have signed up for coming weekends. Those who have already done it reported that quite a few people came through to see the house and ask questions about quilts and quilting. Those volunteering for this project picked up Arts31:Fiber t-shirts and bags at the meeting.


Block of the Month (BOM)

The Blocks of the Month from Caroline’s instructions last month were won by Diana, and Jane presented the BOM for next month. Her instructions will be on the Blog, and she suggests clicking on the link to Moda Candy Shop for their instructions to enhance hers. This block includes partial seams and is 24” x 12”, do it won’t take many to make a quilt. Use brown for the stem, low volume or white for the background, and anything you want for the top.


Vice President Paula reported that the programming task force hopes to work more with the Board this year to better coordinate projects with Community Outreach and their plan is that programs will also work to Build Quilt Skills across all skill levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and queen bee. The guild hopes to help members learn to quilt and to improve their skills. Jodi has another quiltalong planned. And Paula hopes to do other programs with small groups. She said she needs a co-chairman for programming, and Ede volunteered. Paula hopes we will have another great year of programs without overwhelming us.


Treasurer Zonetta reported that now that we are signed up for the new year, all present today have also had their pictures taken by Paula so we can have a pictorial roster, helping us to get to know each other better. She thanked Paula for taking everyone’s picture.

She reported the previous month’s income and expenses, and said that the new Budget for the new guild year is being worked out and will be presented at the April meeting.


Community Outreach Coordinator Marge reported that the guild has two projects in response to the shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. The Junior MQG of Broward County is requesting 18” or 20” square blocks and backing (a solid or pieced piece of fabric the same size or larger) with which they will make Quillows (quilts that fold into a pocket, making a pillow). Their plan is to make about 50. We have not committed to any number, but if you wish to donate a large block and backing for that, send them to Marge by March 21st [and, if you do, let her know that you are sending it] – or give them to Sarah at the Maitland Sew Day on Monday, March 12th, or to Marge at the Dr. Philips Sew Day on Saturday, March 17th.

They have asked that we not use juvenile prints but use something appropriate for teenagers or families. Alissa is going to post a link online to the mystery block she presented at the retreat, which makes a 20” block. Marge was also collecting thread in their school colors to send, which they plan to use making a large quilt to hang at the school, and you can donate thread or money toward purchasing thread by getting it to Marge.

Asked if we are still taking half-square triangle (HST) blocks for donation quilts, Beth said that she is still collecting those on an ongoing basis for quilts to add to the guild stash of 10 or so quilts for future calls for quilts and blocks. The HST blocks can be either 10” or 12” square. She makes them with two 10” squares sewn into HST, white or low volume for half and whatever you want, any color, for the other half.


Education Coordinator Patti announced that the JenCarlton-Bailey class is now full with today’s sign-ups. She mentioned that the Board is considering a class next January from Elaine Wick Poplin, known as Messy Goat (her instagram handle and website name), a math teacher with a math bent to her designs, which are both improvisational and structured, but that class hasn’t been confirmed yet; if that happens, it will be the end of June. Patti will provide pictures of her work to go on the guild’s Facebook page.

Patti also reported that we will have two classes with MelissaAverinos on Friday and Saturday, September 21st & 22nd, one on human faces, on one cat faces.

She is waiting for a supply list from Jen Carlton-Bailey, which she will send to everyone taking the class when she has it. Alejandrina, who took a class from her at QuiltCon, recommended that everyone have template plastic for the class, whether it is on the supply list or not.

Education Basket

Patti presented the Education Basket filled by Ashley, who is not present because she is in on her honeymoon. It contains a number of great items including a Tula Pink coloring book, a bag made by Ashley, a bag made by Sarah, fabric, patterns, and much more. It was won by Cara.

And for new members, it was explained that winners of the basket may leave items in the one they win that they don’t want to keep, fill it with items from their stash, and buy small things as well, if they wish, but it is not meant to be a daunting obligation. Funds from the basket go to the Education budget. Only members can buy chances on the basket because it must be returned, filled, at the next meeting.

 Paula had 3 door prizes this month. She said many of the door prizes were provided by Marcus Fabrics, which sent a lot of fabric for this purpose, and by Studio 37, both of whom have been very generous to us. The door prizes were won by Jan, Mary B, and Cara.

QuiltCon West: 2018

Our guild's charity quilt at QuiltCon
Sarah presented a review of QuiltCon for members who did not attend, including many photographs. She showed pictures of each of the quilts juried into the show from one of our members. Debra brought her Leftover #7 quilt, which won 1st place in Improvisation, and her QuiltCon ribbon for us to see in person. She noted that she hadn’t planned to enter it but was convinced to by her daughter. She also reported that she has booked 2 more classes, in Sarasota and Jacksonville (she gave her class for us last year). One of Anne’s quilts in the show won 2nd place in Small Quilts. In addition to the two winners, other quilts by Anne, Debra, Dar, and Sarah were also juried into the show this year [unfortunately the fill-in secretary didn't get pictures of all of them during the meeting].


Debra's 1st Place in Improvisation


                                                       Anne's 2nd Place in Small Quilts

Sarah gave us her general overall impressions of the quilts in the show and said there were many quilts this year with very dense and detailed quilting though also still many quilts with matchstick quilting. There were also many quilts made of recycled materials, many quilts with a social justice statement, such as Andrea Tsang Jackson’s quilt of blocks made by visitors to the Canadian Museum of Immigration, and many very large-scale quilts. To see photographs of the winning quilts, go to the QuiltCon website.

Sarah also noted that Sarah Bond’s quilt Ribbon Quilt, which won the eQuilt Aware of Quilting Excellence this year, was submitted last year as well and not even selected to be included in the show then. Sarah said that part of the AIDS quilt was on display and was not only very powerful to see but had also been used to raise over $3 million. She has noticed that more quilts are used for these 3 combined purposes - art, education, and fundraising. Love mentioned that one disappointment for her at the AQS show in Daytona Beach was that there were no artist statements like you usually find at shows next to each quilt; the labels there only showed the quilt name, quiltmaker’s name, quilter, if listed, and hometown.

Jeff reported that he took hundreds of photographs at QuiltCon and plans to make a screen show of them. He noted that a display of quilts by children were all powerful socially themed quilts. Ede mentioned that the furniture covered by Carolyn Friedlander’s fabric in the special Carolyn Friedlander exhibit were wonderful. Debbie K pointed out that one trend she noticed in the quilts at the AQS show in Daytona Beach was lots of metallic thread in the quilting.

QuiltCon next year will be in Nashville, TN, February 21-24, 2019; and it will be back in Austin, TX, in 2020.


Caroline introduced the next to last quilts that are the UFO #5s, and those that had theirs at the meeting showed them. The last UFO on everyone’s list of 6 is due in May. She has posted a new sheet on the Blog for listing the 6 UFOs you love well enough to want to work on this coming year, so a new UFO Challenge will start in May. The consensus of the guild is that it worked well, for those who did it this past year, to get them going on UFOs they wanted to finish, that even when they didn’t finish a UFO on their list, it gave them a good nudge to work ahead on it.



                                                              Mary Sm



Kathy's Quilt shown by Sarah


Members going to lunch together met at Culver’s on 17-92 in Casselberry.


·       March 10-11, March 17-18, and March 24-25 – 12-3 pm - OMAG quilting demonstrations at Waterhouse Residence Museum, 820 Lake Lily Drive, Maitland, part of this year’s Art 31Fiber event of Art & History Museums - Maitland
·       March 12, 2018 – Sew Day, Maitland Public Library, 10-4
·       March 17, 2018 – Sew Day, Dr. Philips Public Library, 10-4
·       April 4, 2018 – OMQG Meeting, Sewing Studio, Maitland
·       April 9, 2018 – Sew Day, Maitland Public Library, 10-4
·       April 21, 2018 - Jen Carlton-Bailey class, Dr. Phillips Library, 10-4


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