Quirky Scrap Quilt Along Part 4 and Roll Call!

I think it is time for a check in.  Please post or respond to the email letting us all know your status in our Quilt Along.  Are you still having fun?  Is this a good pace that holds your interest but doesn't make you feel pressured or overwhelmed to keep up?  Please be honest as I promise my feelings aren't hurt if you have suggestions.  The reason I am asking is that I am already pondering the idea of another Scrappy Quilt Along as I still have a TON of scraps to use up!

So, onto this month's instructions....

We will finish up all our blocks this month.  We will make the same number of blocks as last month but there are two different ones.

First you will need to pair up all your 5 inch squares and make 32 Half Square Triangles (HST) out of them.  Leila does a great job showing you how to do it here.

I always make my HSTs a little large and trim them down since I haven't yet been able to sew them accurately otherwise.  Leila's measurements make it so you can trim them.

Next, you will take the 5.5 inch squares and pair them up to make 20 Quarter Square Triangles (QST).  They are a lot like HST.  These will also need to be trimmed.  Here is the link to the instructions.

We are in the homestretch after this month.  If you are feeling a little behind, please don't worry at all. Our goal is for everyone to have finished by the end of the calendar year so just take a deep breath and do what you can, when you can.  Who cares if you end up adding this to next
year's UFO list??  We have all been there before.  

Before you go I have four things to remind you to do:

1. Check out Leila's progress on her Quirky Scrap Quilt.  You can find her her blog here and her Instagram feed.

2. Stop in at Rifle Paper Company to thank that for the small gift they have given us for everyone that completes their quilt by the end of the year.  Their shop is filled with beautiful things.

3. Share your photos and progress on social media using #QuirkyScrapQuiltAlong and tagging @SewnbyLeila and @OrlandoMQG.

4. Don't forget to comment below or email in your status.

Next month we will piece the top!


  1. I have really enjoyed this quiltalong and think you'll find takers if you start another one. As for the pace, I have liked it because I'm working on a bunch of other things at the same time -- but I have noticed that quite a few people have posted pictures of either finished quilts or all the blocks made and up on their design walls before getting this set of instructions for the last 2 kinds of blocks.

    Still, I think lots of us are going along with the steps as you put them out, so maybe that pace is just right -- those who want to zip ahead have been able to do it, those of us who want to keep up have lots of time to do that, even if we're doing other things, too -- and those who want to take longer can do that, of course.

  2. I agree with everything Mary says, including that I would love to do another scrappy quiltalong when this one is finished.

  3. My top is done, but I'll procrastinate on the quilting for many more months! It was a fun quilt along!


  4. Well I'm a bit behind because of vacation and summer break! Hopefully I will get caught up this month!! Love using scraps up!!


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