MEETING MINUTES Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wednesday, March 1, 2017
Maitland, FL


Membership Signups & Renewals

Sarah opened the meeting with 15 minutes for membership signup and renewal. Everyone is asked to submit a new membership form along with their dues, and each member received membership cards from the OMQG and the MQG and selected their annual gift, either a mug, project bag, tape measure, or tote bag, each with the OMQG logo.

There were 52 at the meeting: 49 members and 3 guests. Sarah welcomed each guest, who gave brief introductions, and thanked everyone who renewed their membership today.

Sarah announced that the guild had received a gift of snacks from the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild, to recognize and thank us for our efforts in the Quilts for Pulse (QFP) project. They sent us Chicago Style Popcorn, Frango Mint Chocolates and Brach’s Cherry Jelly Hearts, which members enjoyed during the meeting. A thank you will be sent to the Chicago MQG.



Sarah thanked the outgoing officers and presented each with a gift certificate to The Sewing Studio.

Sarah mentioned that the new board has been very busy all month helping set up and man the Pulse booth at QuiltCon and planning for the year. She reported there have been changes in the structure of the board with the addition of three positions: Education Coordinator, Community Outreach Coordinator (previously the Charity Coordinator), and the new position of Member at Large. The Member at Large is Jane, who is not here today but will be introduced at the next meeting; she will be sending members a survey to guide planning this year.

Sarah reported that members who were at QuiltCon manning the QFP booth met many people from other places who participated in our project by sending us quilts, tops, blocks, and various donations last year. The booth was a nice space one could walk into and see the statistics (of time, money and materials which went into the quilts) compiled by Alissa with individual pictures of each quilts pinned to the outside showing the volume of the work. She said the work we accomplished was incredible and has not gone unnoticed, that she met several executive directors of the MQG who asked what she thought of leading this group; she believes we can do anything, and she is proud to be our leader this year – while, at the same time, we are all looking forward to getting back to regular programming.


Paula said the Board is already considering swaps, bees for charity or for ourselves (and hives for multiple bees), and other programs and she sent around a list asking for volunteers to help on the Programming Committee, which already includes Mary So, Kate and Jodi. Sarah read the OMQG Mission Statement, and both Sarah and Paula noted that, while we welcome everyone and everything, the guild is about the modern aesthetic, so programming, such as Blocks of the Months and swaps and choice of teachers we bring in, will focus on educating the guild about that modern aesthetic.


Marge reported on income and expenses and noted that currently the guild has approximately $10,000 but that about $3,000 of that is committed to teacher expenses this month, although that expense will be balanced with incoming membership fees. Sarah noted that the Board will be drafting a new annual budget. Marge added that we will get more detail so everyone understands the guild expenses for bringing in teachers and other costs.


Sarah noted that Mary will be taking care of changes to the bylaws and will send a thank you to the MQG from the OMQG for their support on our special QFP exhibit at QuiltCon. Mary asked that, if any member should be sent a sympathy, get well or congratulations card from the guild, that you let her or another officer know.


Mary W thanked Sharleen for her outstanding work as Charity Coordinator last year and making our projects more meaningful by letting us know the who and why. She passed a sheet asking for volunteers to serve on Community Outreach committees.

She explained the projects the board has chosen for this year. The quilting project will provide quilts for children in the foster care system requested by the Legal Aid Society, which reported 221 children in the system along with 20 other younger children they provide help for as well. There will be a sewing project, which is ShareBears, requested by UCF College of Medicine students for children in the hospital; they are stuffed but flat bears to be made at Sew Days or at home. The board has not set its goal yet, but the students have a goal of 1,000 bears.

She is setting up four sub-committees: QuiltCon Charity Quilt, Festival of Trees donation quilt, QFP (QFP) Legacy, and Call for Blocks (to respond to future requests after emergencies in other communities).  

Beth spoke about the Quilters for Comfort request for quilts, tops, blocks and batting for quilts for tornado victims in Georgia and Alabama. She asked that we make Wonky Cross blocks (see this month’s Block of the Month instructions at the blog) made of rainbow color backgrounds and white crosses, 10-1/2” unfinished, to be turned in at the April meeting so they may be assembled into either tops or quilts before being sent. Debbe Z challenged everyone going to Monday Sew Day to bring or make a block there.

Mary W reported on a QFP drop at the Orange County Regional History Center, which has collected and is keeping all of the Pulse memorial items from four sites. The guild donated a quilt, with the permission of the maker in St. Petersburg, which had been signed by many in locations meaningful to the LGBT community there. The History Center is going to do an oral history and the Legacy Committee will meet with them about it.

Mary W described the Facebook Stories project. A film crew from Facebook was in Orlando last week filming a QFP quilt distribution and special sew day to tell the story of QFP in a film to be shown to Facebook employees in June as a demonstration of the power of social media platforms.


Education Coordinator Anne noted that we have several classes this month. Frank’s dyeing class is this Saturday at Mary W’s house (she noted that there is a footrace in her neighborhood that day, but not on her street, for those who are attending). There are several seats still available at $75; students will end up with 8 yards of beautiful hand dyed fabric. A supply list has been emailed to those attending by Ede, the former Education Coordinator.

Jacquie Gering will be teaching classes at the Dr. Phillips Library on March 17 and 18, and, while those are full, Jacquie will be giving a Trunk Show at the Sewing Studio on the 19th 1-3 pm, which will cost members $10 and nonmembers $20. She is currently Chair of the Modern Quilt Guild Board as well as a quilt designer and author.

Future classes include Shannon Brinkley on May 6thand Amanda Jean Nyberg on September 30th. Anne reported that the guild has been discussing the possibility of future classes with Sarah Sharp (paper piecing) of No Hats in the House and Chawne Kimber (piecing tiny pieces) of Cauchy Complete, among others.


Love returned the Raffle Basket filled with many items due to her purging her stash and supplies for a local move. The basket included a number of books, a framed block, magnetic notepads, chocolate bar, quilter’s mug, and other special items. The basket was won by Rene.

A random number generator was used to choose the winners of door prizes from QuiltCon: Judi won the bag that was given to those who registered early for QuiltCon, a Moda Sketch Book was won by Sue K, Gail won a pattern, Anne won a Crimson Tide signed paper piecing pack, and Laura won a Marcus Fabrics “Revved Up Retro” layer cake.


A number of Wonky Cross blocks were won by Jane (through her proxy, since she wasn’t here). Jodi showed next month’s star block for Kate, who is working at the AQS show in Daytona today. Kate will post instructions for the Block of the Month for April on the blog today. There are several size options, and the colors should be sand background and bright beach colors for the stars.

GUILD LIBRARY           

Guild Librarian Yanick brings the guild’s library of modern quilting books to meetings. The book list is available at the guild website. Books may be checked out for a month and must be returned at the following month’s meeting.


Marge said that fabric auctions the last two years brought in $1,000 and over $900, and this year we have fabric left from QFP, including some donated that was no appropriate for that project. She asked that members bring good fabric they no longer want to the April meeting – measured and marked with the size – and the program at the May meeting will be the Fabric Auction, from which all proceeds go to the guild’s education funds.


Mary So provided a wonderful review of QuiltCon quilts in projected photographs. She asked members at QuiltCon to email her photos of their favorites, and, with her photos and those received (from some but not all she asked), she created a fascinating quilt show in categories, including our QuiltCon charity quilt (which Debra J reported a video at the MQG site shows as background to an Angela Walters interview). The show ended with a number of pictures of the guild’s QFP booth.

 Best of Show 2017

Closeup of Debra's Quilt
Self Portrait
9-Patch Challenge Winner
Quilts for Pulse Booth
OMQG at our QFP Booth

Anne - QuiltCon Classes

Debra & Rene - QuiltCon Class
Mary So

Sarah's QuiltCon Bag
Paula's 1st Show and Tell
Jeff's Mosque Shooting Block
Jeff's QuiltCon Class Quilt

Today members going to lunch will meet at The Coop on Morse in Winter Park. Members will meet for lunch after the April meeting at Chuey’s on 17-92 in Winter Park.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:00.


March 1-4 - AQS QuiltWeek Daytona Beach Quilt Show
March 4 - Frank’s class on dying fabric at Mary W’s house (if 10 register)
March 6 – Sew Day – Maitland Public Library, 10-4
March 17 – Jacquie Gering’s “Creative Quilting with the Walking Foot” class, 10-4,        
Dr. Phillips Public Library
March 18 – Jacquie Gering’s “Slice and Insert Improvisation” class, 10-4,
Dr. Phillips Public Library  [NOT SEW DAY]
March 19 – Jacquie Gering’s trunk show – The Sewing Studio, Maitland, 1-3
 [$10 for OMQG members; $20 for others]
April 5 – Guild meeting – bring fabric for May Fabric Auction and Wonky Cross blocks for
             Quilters for Comfort (tornado victims in Alabama & Georgia) – lunch at Chuey’s
April 10 – Sew Day – Maitland Public Library, 10-4
September 30 – Amanda Jean Nyberg’s class