Thank You Mandy!

We were fortunate to host Amanda Leins on May 7th at the Bernina Sewing Centre. Mandy is the author of, "Wanderlust Quilts." What a great book! I love seeing her insight to her own creativity as well as learning a few things along the way! She has some wonderful ideas and stories. Her career in archaeology must have been fascinating! The book image above is linked to the book on Amazon, should you be interested in buying it. I picked one up from her at the class. Now that I think about it, I should have had her sign it!

The class we took was amazing. I learned a lot and it was just great to see an example and see how everyone in class worked to get their own images made into something tangible.

Abstract Quilt from a photograph
Each student will bring in a photo that we will then break down into its main component shapes.  I will teach how to enlarge the design using simple tools, and then show how to create and sew the piece from freezer paper templates.

Here are a few photos from class, again.... just look at the talen in the group! Y'all rock it every single time!

It really was a fun time. I am very much looking forward to our next class. I feel like as if there is always something new to learn from someone. Even if you know the technique, a new perspective on it can really enlighten and inspire you! As of right now our next class is in Sept and we hope to see you there! Also a special thank you to Bernina Sewing Centre for allowing us to use their class space and giving us a great class discount as well!


  1. It was such a great class and I can't wait to show everyone my quilt (when I get around to quilting it). And the Bernina Sewing Centre is a great store!


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