Quilting Families!

Fun Facts:  Our guild has two sets of Mother/Daughters and three sets of siblings! Two of the siblings actually live out of state yet maintain their OrlandoMQG membership!

Mother and Daughter Sharleen Jespersen and Sarah Lauzon

"We staged a little photo shoot this weekend. It's not typical that we stand in the yard with an antique quilt, but the evening light was so pretty...and it ended with a five-year-old running back and forth under the quilt as we held it up for him.

It's funny, as my husband was taking these pics he thought to ask what machine was used to make the quilt.  My mother and I said at the same time "by hand".  The quilt top was made by my great grandmother, with actual flour sack material, and quilted by my grandmother.  All work done by hand.  So in a way we have four generations of quilters represented here.  I keep meaning to do a photo with four generations of our quilts - but that's for another day."
- Sarah Lauzon

Mother and Daughter Patti Lapinsky and Alissa Lapinsky

"Being in the guild as a mother and daughter is great! It gives us an excuse to spend even more time together, and having an activity we both love to do is so much fun. We live close to each other, so it's great to be able to share notions, or pop over each other's house if we have a design or fabric question, and even better if we need raid one another's stash! It's also fun when we work on projects or gifts for other people together. Mom generally does the piecing, and I do the quilting, I think we are a great team!"
-Alissa Lapinsky

Sisters Julia Hunt and Linda Casey

 "Linda and I are 4th generation quilters, although neither of us began  quilting until about 7 years ago, We have had a lot of fun collaborating on several quilts together. The quilt in this photo was for our brother’s birthday, he is a small plane pilot. Linda made the blocks and I made the border. Some in our guild may recognize the “Word Play” technique on the border, we were inspired to make this quilt after the class from Tonya Ricucci that our guild hosted. We both enjoy our guild meeting days, because in addition to the inspiration from all our members we have an opportunity see each other since we live in different cities. Quilting is definitely more fun when you can share your hobby with your sister! "
- Julia Hunt 

"Julia will NOT be happy with me for sending this goofy picture of us in Austin but we had a great time together that trip and would like to go to Savannah together.  Julia and I both received quilts from our great grandmother when we were teenagers. Our grandmother started quilting when I was in college and I used to go sandwich them for her, moving the living room furniture and crawling around on the floor. Our mother sewed but did not quilt until later in her life. I always wanted to learn but did not take the time while working and raising a family. Upon retirement one major goal was to finally learn to quilt and I love it! Julia heard that Orlando was forming a modern quilt guild and talked me into joining with her. We both enjoy the creative ideas we obtain from meetings as well as seeing each other at least once a month."
- Linda Casey

Sisters Debra Jalbert and Sandra Fay

 "Here is a picture of my favorite sisters, I love Sandy - but for an accountant she's made a blunder, we are 10.5 months apart in age :) Though Sandy and I are the guild members, Donna has attended two Quiltcon's with me. Donna is an avid knitter and we love to exchange crafty gifts. Sandy is a generous giver with her quilts and afghans that she makes for family and friends."
- Debra Jalbert

"Hi, my name is Sandra Fay and I am the older of the Irish twins in our family.  If you don't know what an Irish twin is, it is when you are born less than a year apart.  Yes Debra and I are only 11.5 months apart.  Anyway, my quilting skills are far less than my sisters, but I love to spend time when I am in Florida with her, quilting and learning how to use Lucey-Lou.  I admire my sisters quilting skills and I only wish I had more time to spend with her and to quilt.  Maybe some day when I retire......:)"
- Sandy Fay

Sisters Rene' Martinez and Michelle Mullinax

My sister loves me so much that she joined me on this crazy obsession called quilting (and the OrlandoMQG)!  If that's not proof enough, she gets in her car and occasionally drives from Georgia to Florida to attend MQG SewDays, retreats and workshops....this from a girl who hates to "go into town".  All kidding aside, having a sister who quilts is so much fun!  Even though we live in different states, we share our quilting love by texting, calling, and Instagramming our quilty questions, process, and finished projects, traveling to Minnesota each summer to retreat for a week together, and enjoying MQG events such as QuiltCon (look out Savannah!!), OrlandoMQG SewDays, retreats, and workshops.  This picture was taken at our annual Gruber's quilt retreat in Minnesota.  We are both holding our quilts that the other made for us....another bonus of having a quilty sister!
- Rene' Martinez


  1. What a great feature blog post! It's nice reading about all your familial relationships. Honestly, I'm a bit envious. Continue enjoying and sharing, moms/daughters and sisters. You are blessed!


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