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Hashtag OrlandoMQG

How many guild members are taking advantage of the quilty information and inspiration on Instagram?  I periodically search the hashtag #OrlandoMQG to make sure I haven't missed any guild creativity.  More times than not I will discover I HAVE missed someone or something.

So here's this month's question(s) broken down in two sections?

If you ARE on Instagram:

What's your handle?  I want to make sure @OrlandoMQG is following you!Are you following @OrlandoMQG?Please use the hashtag #OrlandoMQG when posting guild related sewing projects or items that may be of interest to other guild members.Do you recommend any particular IGers?Do you have any tips on using the IG app?Do you have any questions regarding the IG app that others could answer? If you ARE NOT on Instagram, you can still participate in this month's post:
Just for fun, if you were on Instagram what handle (name) would you give yourself?What quilt personality would you like to follow on Instagram?Would you eve…

FOT Christmas Wreath

IT is that time of year again, yes, if you haven't already begun planning for the Holiday Season, well our guild will be! Pictured below is the planned project to donate to the Orlando Museum of Art's Council of 101 Fundraiser. This will be our 2nd year participating.

The project will kick off at the September 2nd guild meeting by handing out the fabric for this project.  In order to participate you simple pick a mini fabric bundle and make two 4.5 inch blocks from the pieces enclosed. There will be 3  different blocks to make. IF you take a bag, you COMMIT to making 2 blocks and returning them by the October guild meeting. (Some blocks may be used on the back or the carrying bag)

Here are the instructions:
Each block is finished to 4.5 (4 1/2) inches square. You will  be responsible to square your block to size. There are 3 different blocks to make.

14 Red Blocks

34 Green Blocks

32 1/4 green 3/4 white blocks. Here is just one example:

The red and green blocks mus…


AUGUST 5, 2015

President Yanick called the meeting to order, with  44 attendees present.

Marge reported that our current balance is $7060.

.....was won by Cara.

It will be a good learning and interactive time for kids and adults. There is an orientation at the Orlando Science Center for all volunteers on Sunday, August 16th 11 am to 12:30 pm (Michele attending) or 1 pm to 2:30 pm. There will also be a meeting for our guild volunteers August 22nd, 2pm at the Sewing Studio; email Michelle L. for all the details.

We will accept donations of modern fabric, marking pens and scrap batting for the Maker Faire project. Please bring them to the September meeting.

To prepare for the October Maitland Library show, guild members are asked to add a 4 inch hanging sleeve to their quilt and a small dowel 2 inches larger than the quilt. This link is an excellent tutor…

September's Block of the Month

I recently saw this cute block on the Emerald Coast Modern Quilt Guild blog.  I thought it look fun and summery and even though most of the country considers next month to be Autumn, here in Florida it will still be hot as heck and we will all still be spending time at the beaches, lakes and swimming pools.

So for that reason I went ahead and chose a fish block!

I thought the directions were clear and the measurements were generous so I think it is safe to say that everyone's block will measure at least 12.5 inches when completed.  I have chosen not to trim mine down as I will let the winner of the blocks do that just in case there is a slight variation in the blocks.

Please make the blocks using solid light blue/aqua/turquois fabric and orange for the fish.  You can find the instructions here.

I hope you enjoy the block!