Hello Guild Friends

The Orlando Guild has a few job openings that we asking for member applicants.

BOM Committee: Responsibilities including choosing a block of the month and posting it on the blog.  As a committee member you would choose the block once every four months.  Job responsibilities include access to a computer and trainable to learn to upload a posting to the blog. 

Maitland Library Quilt Exhibit: A committee chairperson as well as chair members to help organize the Maitland Library Quilt Exhibit. This will be a short term commitment and the job responsibilities will be completed after the exhibit. 

Maker Faire Participants.
Maker Faire Orlando will be held on September 12th and 13th at the Orlando Science Center and surrounding Lock Haven Park, if you are interested in participating contact Yanick.

To apply for any of these positions, please email or Call Debra Jalbert, or comment here.



  1. I would love to be on the BOM committee.
    Is the library exhibit really at the Maitland Library?

  2. Could you please provide more details on Maker Faire? Thanks. Ellen

    1. Ellen, for now take a look at the website
      We have submitted a registration. More info will be provided as we receive it, if you are interested in the committee, please email Yanick and let her know. she and Rene participated last year as individuals. Thanks for your interest!

  3. I'm so excited to be helping with Maker Faire! It looked so fun last year!

  4. Maker Faire looked like it was LOTS of fun last year. I am really hoping to be able to go this year. (So much inspiration in one place!)
    I can't wait to see what our guild does this time.

  5. I would like more information on quilt exhibit. I may help on that depending on the dates.


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