Meeting Minutes

MARCH 4, 2015

The meeting was called to order by President Yanick.  38 members and 2 visitors were present.

Jackie won the icebreaker by owning the most sewing machines--13!! (Don't tell her husband.)

Our current balance is $5559.76.

Payment is due for the RaNae Merrill workshop ASAP.  If you did not pay at the meeting, please mail Marge your payment prior to the workshop.  There may still be a couple of places open, so contact Marge immediately if you would like to attend.  Fee for OMQG members is $40.

We are getting the mentoring program up and running; further information to follow.

NOTE: if you are not receiving regular emails from OMQG, please contact Marge immediately so that she can update your contact information.

....was won by Pamela.
 Several members spoke about their fantastic experiences at Quiltcon.  This was a successful week for our guild; Debra's quilt won first place in the Michael Miller challenge, and Debbe King won a bonanza of fat quarters from the Michael Miller vendor at the show (nice payback for her 32.5 volunteer hours!)  Debbe handed out some Quiltcon swag to random winners.  There will be a Quiltcon magazine available in stores soon, which has an update on all MQG statistics.

Joan won the Quiltcon swag bag for her post.  In future, the blog post containing the "question of the month" will be highlighted, so that more members can respond to the correct post and thus be eligible for the random drawing of the month.

Our current project is making fabric postcards to swap with other guilds.  Some specifications: cards should be no more than 1/8" thick; no binding should be used; put card stock or some other stiff material inside (can be used along with batting, as long as it is thin); use plain fabric on the back so that cards may be addressed; cards should be slightly smaller than the standard 4 x 6 postcard size.

Cards are due at our April meeting.  Please bring your stamped card to the meeting.  Tutorials and examples are available on the OMGQ Pinterest board.

Linda collected the remaining Veteran's Home quilts.   If you made one, and were not at the meeting, please contact Linda so that she may get it from you as soon as possible. At our next meeting,  Linda will share a time for all members interested to visit the home and deliver the quilts.

Our next charity project will be making tactile quilts for Alzheimer's patients.  These quilts should be about 17 x 21 (just remember they are meant to be held in someone's lap, so should not be too large), and the more textures, the better.  Alejandrina shared an example:
The tentative deadline for these quilts is our May meeting.  Examples for these quilts may be found on Pinterest, under "Alzheimer's" or "activity" quilts.


Jodi demonstrated single-fold binding.  Verykerryberry has a good tutorial.
Alejandrina shared the envelope, or pillowcase, technique.
Pamela shared a couple techniques for adding prairie points to your binding. 
Jane demonstrated the use of facings, which is a particularly good technique for quilts in which the design needs to go all the way to the edge.  An example:
Beth demonstrated a flange binding. Marge demonstrated how to make mitered borders.

Mary S shared techniques for mitered bindings.  She recommends Sharon Schamber's videos on YouTube.

This month's blocks.....

...were won by Marge.
Next month's block instructions can be seen below.

Maitland Sew Days will now include an optional "mini" charity project 3 or 4 times a year.  This month, the project is carrying bags for walkers.  Sharleen will bring kits for the project to the next Maitland Sew Day.  Bring your usual sewing supplies.

The next Modern Salon will take place Sunday, March 8, at the Winter Park Michael's store, from 4-6 PM.  Salons will now be held at this location every 2nd Sunday of the month.

No regular Dr Phillips Sew Day will take place this month, due to the RaNae Merrill workshop.


Debra and her winning Quiltcon quilt....and ribbon!
"Wish I Had Made That" did not take place this month, due to time constraints.

Meeting adjourned at 12:05.