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Meeting Minutes for March 5, 2014

There were 29 members and guests in attendance.
The meeting was lead by the new President, Yanick.
2.  TREASURER REPORT The Treasurer's Report was given by Marge. Dues were collected for the new year and membership pins and cards were distributed.
3.  NEW THIS YEAR A Q & A period will be added prior to the meetings starting in April.  Members who arrive to the meeting at 9:45 can participate in discussions and information sharing on various topics.  This is optional and the official meeting time will continue to be 10 am.
There will be a UFO challenge which will be announced at a future meeting when Cara is in attendance to discuss it.
Debra introduced some changes to Show and Tell.  There is a brief form to use to indicate you want to share some items at Show and Tell time.  This makes it possible to gauge how much time can be allotted to each of the participa…

Block of the Month plus a bonus

April's of the month is the Origami Star Block by Amy Newbold.  Amy blogs at Suki, Don't You Know Who I Am? and is also the treasurer of our mother ship, The Modern Quilt Guild.

She has a wonderful tutorial for the Origami Star block at Origami Star Block.  It is a cute and easy block that finishes at 8" and 8.5" unfinished.  The tutorial is very easy to understand and my only tips are to use a scant 1/4 inch seam and to be careful with your finished blocks because they do end up with bias edges so can be prone to some stretching and distortions.

These blocks should be made with red, orange and yellow stripes with a gray background. Here is my sample block.

Now for the bonus!

When you add the gray squares to the corners of the striped squares you will trim off two triangles.  I just hate to see those corners get wasted so I sewed each pair together to make half square triangles and then created little 3.25 inch pinwheels.  I thought we could have a second drawing f…