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Did you know that the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild  currently has 53 members!!!  That's quite a growth from our first meeting in March 2010 with 16 members!!  The word is getting out about our awesomeness!!!!

We're on Twitter!

Some of you may not realize that our guild has an online presence on various social media platforms. In addition to our blog here and our MQG Group page, make sure you check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr and Pinterest.  Let us know your "handle" on any of these social media sites so we can keep up with you as well.  Especially with so many new members,  we may have missed following someone.  Also, if you have a blog and it is not listed on our sidebar,  please let us know so we can add you.

and Instagram

We want to know: what is YOUR favorite form of social media?  Leave a comment here letting us know.  Again, there are prizes involved ;-)  Ask Leslie and Alejandrina, our previous blog comment winners!


  1. Facebook, hands down. I don't even have (or want) a twitter or instagram account, and I can go days without checking pinterest, weeks without getting on flickr. Facebook, though? I'm there.

  2. Facebook and Instagram are my favorites.

  3. Facebook for sure, but recently I have also been getting hooked on Instagram.

  4. Facebook is it! I have instagram, and look at it every few days, but am not really comfortable with it completely. (still stuff I don't understand about it).
    I never had any problem with Facebook, even before I got my Mac.

  5. I love FB, flickr, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.
    (I have to limit my time on each because it's so easy to get sucked in and lose a few hours.)

  6. I love them all! I can get lost for hours. And blogs...don't get me started.

  7. Facebook and Instagram mostly, with a little bit of Pinterest..


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