Throwback Thursday: First Quilt

Are you familiar with Throwback Thursday on social media where people post pictures of themselves from "way back"?  I like the idea of a quilt version and have sometimes posted on my personal Instagram account pictures of quilts I have made years ago.

The first quilt I ever made was in a class at Queen Ann's Lace (Kissimmee LQS now closed) back in 2004 where our class of four each made a rail fence lap quilt.

I named the quilt AmERICa for my son Eric and the patriotic fabrics used.  I don't now what I was thinking by using red, white and blue variegated thread for quilting my very first quilt ever, but you know what they say "Go bold or go home"!  I used my walking foot and quilted straight lines going diagonally across each block.

Do you remember the first quilt you ever made?  Leave a comment describing your first quilt for a chance to win the next door prize in our getting to know you series.  I don't believe you can include a picture in your comment (correct me if I'm wrong), but please share a picture of your first quilt on our Facebook or Flickr page and/or tag us on Instagram and Twitter.

I look forward to reading about YOUR first quilt ever made.  [Also, feel free to email me (I'm in the directory) if you are having issues leaving comments on the blog.  If you are reading this through a blog reader app such as Bloglovin' that may be the problem.  Try going to our blog website directly and then typing in your comment.]


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  2. The first quilt I ever made was in 2002. My sister was terminally ill and my daughter was pregnant. Carol was the quilter, but couldn't make the "animal totem" baby quilt for my soon to be granddaughter, so it was up to me, with Carol's instructions. I chose a batik with identifiable giraffes.
    I outlined the giraffes with permanent marker, and "hand" quilted around them and in some blocks. Traumatized me enough that I wouldn't even think about quilting for several years! Will post photos now. :-))

  3. First quilt I ever made was for my daughter's graduation from High School in 2011. It was a T-Shirt quilt for her to take to College in cold Chicago. I learned everything via YouTube and Jodi Peterman.

  4. My first quilt was an entirely flannel quilt for my Mom. The end result was fantastic, but hand quilting three layers of flannel was a challenge!

  5. My first quilt was totally hand pieced because I did not own a sewing machine at the time. I took a class in the local college adult ed program. The teacher was one of those unbelievable applique masters, like our Mary Sorensen, but I did not know what applique was either. The teacher taught hand work and suggested we tie the quilts, which I did. Posting the picture on FB

  6. So fun reading about all your first quilts. My first quilt was a miniature postage stamp quilt using vintage fabrics I collected before I started quilting. I was so psyched, that I bought the quilting versus quilting it myself. I bet that lady laughed when she saw my tiny little thing. No way it would have fit on a longarm. You can read more here:

  7. It was 1994, I was living in Wildflecken Germany, a teeny weeny town and a teenier military post. I thought I wanted to sew to have something to occupy mu time, so I taught myself, made some sun dresses and my first quilt. No book, no internet.

  8. My first quilt was a queen-sized, hand-appliqued quilt that I made as a wedding present for a friend. I did all the quilting by hand! My friend lost her house in Hurricane Katrina and I've never wanted to know whether she was able to save the quilt.......


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