Monday, August 11, 2014

QuiltCon Quilt Show

The Michael Miller Challenge was a fantastic opportunity
for some of us to get our feet wet in quilt competition and entry.
It may have been the first time for some, but there are
also others who have entered shows previously.
Whichever the case, here is another opportunity to shine.

November 30th 2014 is the deadline for the QuiltCon Quilt Show, there are fabric and quilting challenges, as well as a variety of categories.  You can even enter a quilt that has been made in the past four years! What a terrific way to be involved with Quiltcon and the MQG community.

Getting Started is easy. Here is the link to the QuiltCon Quilt Show Entry Process! Maybe YOU can enter or encourage another Orlando Quilt Guild member to enter.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Debra for posting the information and link for the QuiltCon show entry. Our members definitely should consider entering a quilt or two....or three....