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Take the Poll!

We want to know if you'd be interested in joining a Bee within the OMQG. Depending on the number of interested members, we'll create small hives that will work to make blocks for their hivemates.

The idea is that at the end of a certain time frame, you'll make blocks for others and you'll receive a set of blocks. (These will be separate from the guild's BOM lotto blocks. We want you to still make those blocks to win, too.)

If you've participated in online Bee exchanges, you know the fun of getting blocks in the mail to put together. The beauty of forming hives within our guild is that you'll save on postage while expanding your creativity. The board also hopes it will also be a way for members to get to know each other even more.

We are working out the exact way we will order groups based on an estimate of how many of you may want to join.

We are planning a rotating schedule of bees you may want to join (i.e. solids only, mod fabrics, sc…

Join the Discussion

We are excited to participate this year in the OMA Festival of the Trees. Please join in the conversation on the MQG website where we established an OMQG page called Festival of the Trees. This is a great place to share your ideas and give feedback on the other ideas that have been proposed. If you have not set up your password and profile on the mothership site yet, this is one of many great reasons to get started.  We are also counting on you to bring ideas including photos or patterns to the next OMQG Meeting which is on March 5, 2014.

Board Meeting Agenda

OMQG Board Meeting February 15, 2014
8:30 am -10:15 am
Agenda Topic Summary
1.   Welcome to new officers and thanks to outgoing officers.

2.   A future board meeting will be held at the popular Tartini’s to share it’s appeal
      with new board members.

3.   Current Committee needs and members who wish to serve.
      Education, Charity, Group Challenge, Mentoring, Bees.

4.   Organization for Festival of Trees Charity Quilt.

5.   Creative Ideas for updating Show And Tell time.  
      Debra will announce updates to Show and Tell at the March Meeting.

6.   Goals for the New Year.
       Social Media Use, Education, Mentoring and Leadership Development.
Michele will coordinate mentoring.
December party will include What Learned Showcase
       Rene will head up Social Media

7.   March is time for members to pay Dues.

8.   Social Media usage.  
      Setting which social media are priority communication tools and which are 
      fun tools.   Encouraging use of social media for information and fo…

Meeting Minutes, February 5, 2014

FEB. 5, 2014
10 AM - NOON

MEET AND GREET 30 members and guests were in attendance.
TREASURERS REPORT Current Treasurer, Michele, prepared financial reports and provided them to the Board.  As Michele is absent from the February meeting, financial reports will be presented at the March meeting.
RAFFLE BASKET Pat provided the raffle basket...

...which was won by Kathryn.


 Many thanks to Zonetta, Julia and Debbe for their work as the Election Committee.

New officers, Yanick, Debra, Marge and Kathryn, officially begin in their roles March 1st.

EDUCATION OUTREACH Yanick shared information on the request to assist a local school class of 5th graders who plan to make a quilt. Yanick, who already has prepared lessons plans for this topic, will head up the effort and ask for volunteers to assist with various stages of the project.


The February Blocks of the Month were won by Marge.

Alejandrina showed the sample of the "Jumbo" blu…

March Block of Month

This month's block is called Jumble and instructions can be found here. It is simple to make and has a lot of movement, particularly if you choose to angle the corners a bit.

The only comment: once you have cut the angled corners: use TLC when you handle them as the squares' sides are on the bias and tend to stretch if pulled!

We are using blue for the body, yellow or gold for the corners and white for the background.

Tuesday's Tips and Tricks: Navigating the MQG site

As you know the Orlando MQG has officially joined the Modern Quilt Guild and all paid members should have received an email by now from the MQG welcoming you and providing a link to the main site where you can set up your profile. If you have not received this email, please contact Rene' or leave a comment here, and we will make sure you get set up.

The website an be a little tricky to navigate at first, but I encourage you to take a little time to browse the site and familiarize yourself with the various tabs.  Quite a bit of chatter and useful information is available in the Forums, and we can add what we would like on our own group page.  To help us customize our page, please leave a comment on topics you would like to see discussed on our group page as well as other features desired.

If you haven't already, I recommend subscribing to the MQG newsletter by email to ensure you do not miss any important benefits.  Since our guild has joined, one free pattern has already been…