Tuesday's Tips and Tricks

Welcome to another edition of Tuesday's Tips and Tricks.

Member Jackie sent in these useful tips for marking quilts: 

  • Plain white chalkboard chalk works well in marking quilts. The colored chalk has chemicals in it that might stain the fabric, so don't use that. Crayola is recommended.  A fabric lint brush brushes it off.
  • I tried washable markers to mark a quilt. The first time I tested them I left them on for a couple of minutes and I washed the fabric in warm water. Came right out.  Next I tested them further by leaving them on the fabric for an hour. The light colors came right out. The darker ones took a little soap and left a faint line. 
  • Tape Regular vinyl to a quilt top. Mark your quilting test designs on the vinyl with a dry erase marker. Erase with a square of batting. There, now you have auditioned your quilting design on the quilt before machine quilting it. 
From our Pinterest board:
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  1. I love the tip about marking the plastic to audition your quilting.
    I would not use crayon to mark my quilt top, as I have my granddtr. color with crayon to make quilt blocks for my, and they are permanently colored. Crayon has wax in it. If you heat it, the wax will come off, and the color will stay.
    Great tips. Thank you.


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