Guild By-Laws

The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild By-Laws

Revised: December 6, 2016

Article I: Name and Location

The name of this organization shall be the The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild, also referred to as OMQG, OrlandoMQG or The Guild. The Guild’s home is in Orlando, Florida with members from all the surrounding areas.

Article II: Purposes/Mission Statement

The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild, a Chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild, is a non-profit organization formed to:
  • inspire and support our members in their enjoyment of and growth in quilt making;
  • educate our members with an emphasis on the modern aesthetic through programs and activities;
  • promote an interest in and appreciation of the art of quilt making, especially in a no-rules modern approach to fabric arts;
  • assist our community by creating quilts and other fabric projects for those in need.

Article III: Membership

  • Membership is open to any person who agrees to the purposes of the Guild, completes the membership form and pays the annual dues.
  • Members are allowed entry to general meetings at no additional cost except for special programs. Extra costs may be necessary for speaking engagements, workshops, field trips, etc. If a program is open to persons outside of the Guild, members typically pay a reduced fee.
  • Members will be provided with a Membership Directory with the understanding that it is to be used only for guild purposes and not for commercial gain, solicitation or fraudulent reasons. Member information will not be given or sold to outside entities.
  • Members are allowed the opportunity to vote in any elections, participate in all general meeting activities such as Block of the Month, Swaps, Bees, Show and Tell, Sew Days, etc. and full access to the Guild’s blog and Flickr sites as part of the annual dues.

I. Presiding Officers

The President, and in his/her absence the Vice President, shall preside at all meetings.

II. Members
Membership dues are set by the Board and currently are $50 annually. Prospective members can attend the first meeting (or sew day) for free. The second and third meetings (or sew days) are $5. After the third meeting, the
person has to become a member and pay dues in order to continue attending meetings. Members can be terminated for cause by a majority vote of the Board.

III. Meetings
Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month from 10am to 12 noon at The Sewing Studio in Maitland, Florida. Sew Days typically are held once a month at the Dr. Phillips Branch Library in Orlando and once a month
at the Maitland Library in Maitland. Meeting information is posted on the Guild’s blog with pertinent details.

IV. Officers
Officer elections are held each year for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Charity Program Coordinator, Workshop/Education Coordinator and Member at Large. Officers serve a term of one year. Voting to fill officer positions shall be conducted by secret ballot. A simple majority of members (in good standing) is needed for a candidate to be elected. If no member is interested in an officer position the current officer continues in the position unless unwilling or unable. If an officer leaves midterm the position replacement will be made by majority vote of the Board Members. Descriptions of the offices are detailed in a separate document named Descriptions of Officer Positions and Committee Chairs.

V. OrlandoMGQ Board
The OrlandoMQG Board consists of all officers listed above, plus all founding officers who maintain membership. The Board will convene quarterly. Additional meetings of the Board may be scheduled as warranted. Each Board member has one vote for board decisions. A vote of one more than half of the Board constitutes a quorum for voting and decision making purposes.

VI. Standing Committees
Standing Committees or Coordinator positions can be appointed by a majority of the Board and the responsibilities are described and designated by such. Committee Chairs or Coordinators are invited to Board Meetings as needed to make proposals and to participate in discussions. Excluding the Charity Program Coordinator and the Workshop/Education Coordinator, these are non-voting positions.

VII. Amendment of the Bylaws
The Bylaws can be amended by a majority of the Board Members.