Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OMQG First Anniversary SEW-cial on March 21

Hello Quilters!

It's time to plan our SEW-cial event to celebrate Orlando Modern Quilt Guild's one -year anniversary!

The event will be held on Monday night, March 21 from 6:30 - 8:30 pm at the Dr.Phillips/Southwest branch of the Orange County Library System. (it will be in the same room that we have our Sew Days) The goal of this event is to celebrate and socialize, introduce ourselves to the community and prospective members, and to hopefully welcome that evening any new members who may want to join our group!

The planning committee is coordinating flyers to promote the event, a notice in the Southwest Bulletin ( local comm. newspr.) room setup and refreshments, table-top displays highlighting our first year including our charity quilts as well as an informational brochure to be given out to prospective members that evening.

What we need from YOU, our members is the following:

1. Your attendance! Please rsvp now and commit to being there to help us celebrate!

2. Let us know what quilt(s) or other quilted items you'd like to bring for our displays...we will have some wall space to hang quilts as well as table top areas. When trying to decide what to bring for display - remember to keep it MODERN! Please include your Kauffman solids challenge piece - we'd like to have a special area just for those pieces.
(we will also have a small demo area going on, that Beth will coordinate, but we really want to have lots of completed work to show, as we all know - seeing is believing!)

3. We plan on having a resource table showcasing our favorite publications and periodicals, if you've got a favorite book or resource to share that evening, please let us know and bring it along!

4. If you live near or frequent a a particular local quilt shop (LQS), let us know and we'll get some SEW-cial promotional flyers to you, that you can ask the shop to display.

*we are purchasing light refreshments for this event, so thanks in advance but we do NOT need you to bring any snacks, etc.

We are hoping for a great turnout from our OMQG members as well as interested newcomers. Please share this info with your friends and family and tell them to "save the date"!


  1. Hope, I am SO excited about this event!!! Thanks for spearheading the committee. I will definitely be there with my Robert Kaufman finished piece and will let you know what other(s) items I plan to bring once I figure that out.

  2. I am sorry, I wished I lived closer so that I could acutally ever participate. You guys are doing a great job and I was happy to be a part of it when I could be. Good luck, hope you have a wonderful turn out.

  3. I will BE THERE! I am sew excited. I will be bringing my sister. I have a "paper piecing" periodical to bring, (since it is my "current" favorite type of quilting). I would love to have some flyers to put out.

  4. We're going to have fun as usual! I guess I need to start my solids challenge project.

  5. This is a response so far, I also got an email from MaryAnn who will be at sew day and the SEW-cial. keep the feedback coming! thanks!

  6. oops meant to say "great response!"

  7. I will be there - looking forward to it! I will have my Kaufman challenge piece done and I'll pack some other stuff that we can use if desired. Most of my pieces are smaller scale but I do have one that is about 2 feet by 4 feet.

  8. I thought I posted this comment yesterday but clearly I hit a wrong button! I wanted to say to all of our OMQG members what a fun event the SEW-cial was, and how terrific it was to have everyone's help from start to finish! Just like a quilt needs many pieces to make a beautiful whole - so does our group! From the logo work and flyers and brochures to the display boards, demos and arrangements the preplanning team was terrific. The setup and tear down went so well, especially since you all brought such beautiful things to display! The quilters and non-quilters alike who came all really enjoyed seeing everything, and I believe we recruited a new member or two as well - which is a bonus for the evening! Please give yourselves a big pat on the back - and start thinking about all those projects you want to have done for next year's displays! :) I so enjoy being a part of this group, thanks!