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Update on the Block of the Month

 I just wanted everyone to know that a few of us were having trouble with the block of the month trying to get it to come out to 12 1/2 inches… I think that was a miscommunication on my part and I put the directions down wrong so if everyone follows the tutorial whatever size your blocks end up being, that will be fine .... the happy winner of all these beautiful blocks can trim them all to the same size! So,  happy sewing everyone !

April's Maitland Sew Day

There were many busy hands at Monday's Sew Day! 

Donna Haynes with Legal Aid Society shared how our quilts will make an impact with the youth they serve. She also thanked the guild for the Pulse quilts and how receiving them meant so much to the legal staff and volunteers that helped Pulse victims and families. 

We also worked on ShareBears! They are sweet little bears that will help children that are in hospitals.

I think we will see some new name tags at our May meeting!!

Missed Monday's Sew Day?  Join us Saturday at our Dr. Phillips Sew Day!

The Name Tag Challenge is happening !

On my way to my new (and first)  name tag today at Maitland Sew Day. I hope to see all new members joining the challenge !

Quirky Scrap QAL

Are your scraps taking over your sewing area?  Do you feel guilty buying more fabric when you know you have so many beautiful scraps begging to be used up?  Do you feel overwhelmed and don't know how to even begin putting a dent in those scraps?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then we have a fun Quilt Along for you!!  Our guild is going to be sending out monthly assignments via email and social media posts following Leila Gardunia's Quirky Scrap Quilt Along from a couple of years ago.  You can find Leila at this link and @SewnByLeila on Instagram.  Hop over and follow her on IG.  The coolest part is that Leila is going to be joining us and blogging about her process as well!

Here is Leila's first Quirky Scrap Quilt.  The reason I love it so much is that it uses a LOT of scraps and it has a little bit of rhyme and reason to it.  So often I see scrappy quilts that either make my head hurt because they are too busy or they only use a little bit of scraps and r…

This Year's Community Outreach Projects

Community Outreach Committee 2017 Projects
Quilts for abused, neglected, and abandoned youth being served by the Legal Aid Society of the Orange County Bar Association, Inc. and The Juvenile Justice Center
Our year long project will be making quilts for the youth being served by the Legal Aid Society and The Juvenile Justice Center who are often neglected, abused, and abandoned.Quilts will be twin size with a modern aesthetic and gender neutral color scheme.These quilts will be an item of comfort that each youth can keep as they are often in foster homes and working through difficult situations.The Legal Aid Society is currently serving 221 youth and our goal is to provide at least 100 quilts toward their need.The Committee’s contact is Donna Haynes with the Legal Aid Society and we plan to have some of the youth visit the OMQG during our Sew Days. The Community Outreach Committee challenges each guild member to create at least one quilt for our 2017 project.  We would like to present …

Cre-active Club Q&A

Do you have questions about the Cre-Active Club?  I've tried to think about a few, but if you have more leave a comment or e-mail me.
Q - I have 29 projects, can I still join?

A - Yes, you can.  However, you will have to make some choice.  There’s only 6 slots on the list.  Which ones matter to you most?

Q - I have only 3 unfinished projects, can I still join?

A - You are probably a very fast maker, a super organized quilter, a very focus person… Whatever is  your super-power, you’re already a winner.  Back to the question, Yes, you can join.  You will get some off months, and less opportunity to win, but we’ve established that you are already a winner (and I really want to learn about your superpower).

Q - I have missed the registration deadline.  Can I still join?

A - Yes, you can.  You’ll enter less projects and wait for the beginning of the next 2-month period to start working on your projects.

Q - I can’t come to every meeting, how will I know which number has been drawn and on w…

Cre-active Club

We (almost) all have UFOs/WIPs and we all feel different about them.   Some of us enjoy the process of piecing but have no interested in the quilting process, some of us get excited with the next pretty line of fabric, clever pattern design, some of us (myself) are slow makers.  All of this is OK, it’s part of the creative process.
Now, most of us have some projects that we will really like to finish (I am not speaking about the wedding quilt for your twice-removed-cousins who have divorced since you started it, or the baby quilt for your co-worker’s baby who has graduated since then, or the quilt you started with this fabric that now you wonder what were you thinking when you bought it…).  Some projects are special and need our love.  So this year, we would like to give you a bit of nudge to finish some of them.
The concept You’ll be asked to: Pick up 6 projects that are very close to your heart and you are yearning to finish.
Write each project next to a number on the attached document; …

The Awesome Name Tag Challenge

The Awesome Name Tag Challenge!

For all members who do not have a sewn name tag, or current members who want a new one .  We want to know you are so we can say hello and welcome you !

So, what are the rules?  First, make sure your name is large and clearly readable. You can also squeeze in your internet handle or the name of your personal brand or website (if you have one) so that everyone can find you out there on the web and Instagram, etc . Make sure it's comfortable to wear ... I am making my with a little pocket on the back . And, you can always make a matching lanyard too !
Feel free to use any technique for your name tag from piecing to appliqué to embroidery.  There is no size limit or shape constraint, so use your creativity to create something that showcases your style as a modern quilter.
Your finished name tag is due at the next guild meeting , May 3, 2017,  & all members who proudly show off their creation will be entered into a raffle for a gift certificate at the…

Meeting Minutes

MEETING MINUTES Wednesday, April 5, 2017 Maitland, FL

Jane, the guild’s new Member at Large, introduced and welcomed three guests and two new members and then conducted an Icebreaker, with everyone standing and sitting to answer her questions. There were 57 members and 3 guests present.

New Member Kate  New Member Aradria

Sarah reported that the board recently learned, from larger guilds, and with input from the Modern Quilt Guild (MQG), that the guild should have general liability insurance and D&O (directors’ and officers’ liability) insurance, to protect the guild and its board in case of lawsuits, so insurance is being purchase, the requirement of maintaining insurance was added to the bylaws, and the cost of insurance was added to the new budget for this year.
She announced that the guild was presenting a lot of “programming rollout” for the year at this meeting. She invited everyone to participate in as much or as little as they like, no on…