Monday, September 21, 2015

Calling All Bloggers!

Did you know we list our member bloggers on the left sidebar?  We have so many creative members, and it's nice to see what they are up to in between guild events.

Sewn With Curves
Our President Yanick is the featured quilter on Amy's blog this week.  Take a minute to read more about Yanick's artistic background, her passion for creating, and quilting tips.   There is some colorful eye candy there as well!

I noticed The Sewing Studio has updated their website to include a blog which features bios on the staff along with product features and tips not exclusive to quilting.

If you are a quilt blogger and are not listed on our sidebar, please let me know immediately so that can be rectified.  You can leave a comment here or email me (address in directory).

Have you thought about starting a blog, but not sure where to start?  I am sure any one of the bloggers listed on our site would be happy to help.  Feel free to leave any questions on this post.

Would you like to see a blog hop of all guild blogs with a last stop here for a giveaway?  Leave your comments and suggestions below and we will make it happen.  There will also be a random winner drawn from the comments on this post.  Suggest away!

Thursday, September 3, 2015



The meeting was called to order by President Yanick.  37 members and 6 visitors and new members were present.
Marge reported that current assets are $6937.04.

.....was won by Alissa.

....was Frank.  (I forgot to get a picture!)

Kelly passed around her list of submitted UFO projects so that members may update their completions.  Remember it is not too late to join this year's UFO contest; complete the form on the blog.  Each completed project will earn you a ticket for a lottery at our December meeting.  Contact Kelly with questions.


Michelle and her committee are ready for Maker Faire Orlando.  Stop by the OMQG booth! (NOTE: due to the great response for Maker Faire this year, some participants, including OMQG, will be in the Orlando Museum of Art, rather than the Science Center.) Cara mentioned that OSC members may be eligible for a free MFO ticket; Marge mentioned that tickets purchased in advance online are less expensive than tickets purchased at the door.

Remember to bring your unwanted UFO projects to October's meeting!  All projects will be raffled off to other OMQG members; they should be completed by their new owners and shown at our December meeting.  You are not obligated to take home as many projects as you "donate"!  Contact Beth with questions.

Karol is still collecting quilts for our October exhibit at the Maitland Public Library.  She will collect quilts at the Maitland Sew Day on on September 14, and later as well if necessary.  If you have quilts that you would like to display, please contact Karol ASAP to arrange for a time to get them to her.

Sign up for Carole Lyles Shaw's class on October 3 took place.  Class fee is $25, and will take place at the Dr Phillips Library from 10-4:30.  As of this posting, there are still a few spaces available.  Contact Marge ASAP if you would like to attend.  See the August meeting minutes for the supply list for this class.  Bring a potluck dish to share.

We are planning a weekend quilting retreat at the Kenilworth Lodge in Sebring.  Retreat will take place Nov 6-7.  Rates will be $77 for a double room for the weekend, or $153 for a single, which includes breakfast.  Please let Marge know as soon as possible if you would like her to reserve a space for you.  Payment will be required at our October meeting.

Alejandrina conducted a demonstration on how she uses pins placed along the seam lines to make sure that her pieces are correctly lined up while doing paper piecing.  She also highly recommended the use of a roller to press seams while piecing.

Once again, we are donating a quilt to Orlando Museum of Art's Festival of Trees.  Bags containing materials for the required blocks were distributed.  PLEASE remember that if you took a bag, you must return the completed blocks at the October meeting.  If you will not be at the meeting, please make arrangements to get your completed blocks to Alissa, who will be piecing the quilt, no later than the October meeting date. Many thanks to Frank and Mary W for volunteering to quilt and bind the quilt, respectively.  See below on the blog for more detailed information about construction of the quilt, and contact Debra if you have any questions about assembling your blocks.  (Debra will put an example of the green and white blocks on the blog.) Remember to use only the fabrics supplied in your bags. Do not add additional fabrics, although you do not have to use all the fabrics supplied to you. Blocks will be unfinished at  4 1/2 inches; please trim yours to this size before you return them.  If you were not at September's meeting, but would like to participate, please contact Debra to see if any bags are still available.

We are also once again submitting a quilt to Quiltcon for their charity display.  Fabric bags will be distributed and instructions given at our October meeting.  If you would like to get a head start on your blocks, contact Marge and she will make arrangements to get the fabric to you.  The theme is "improv with intent", and Yanick has chosen our quilt's theme--"Sticks and Stones".  Yanick will post videos of techniques for both "sticks" and "stones" on the blog, although other circle techniques (for the "stones") are acceptable as well.  Completed 6.5 inch blocks MUST be returned at our November meeting.  Some examples:



....was won by Karol.
Several members shared information about books on modern quilting that they've found especially informative and inspirational.  The books mentioned were:

Meeting adjourned at 12 pm.  Lunch followed at Keke's in Winter Park.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

October Block of the Month!

Hello everyone! It's Kate!

I am so excited to be choosing the October block of the month since autumn and Halloween are my favorite!
I chose a Spiderweb quilt block and the tutorial can be found here via Sew Mama Sew. These spiderweb blocks use a piece of fabric as your foundation (a new technique to try!) and give you a great use for your scraps (who doesn't love a good scrap buster?).

As a kid my favorite spooky stories were the Goosebumps "Choose Your Own Adventure" books so I thought why not do that for the color ways for these block to add some interest? You can also choose if you want to get super scrappy and have the spider web strips be different sizes (like the black and white webs) or more uniform (like the colorful webs)  So many ways to change up this block!

Color way 1:

Choose a black white or gray solid fabric for your foundation and add all your fun Halloween colors to the outside.

Color Way 2:

Choose a Halloween color solid for the center and keep your spiderwebs grayscale.

I understand not everyone will have the overgrown Halloween stash I have so feel free to use any prints or solids that fit the color scheme for your webs. Just have fun with it!

And as for these "Halloween Colors" I keep referring to, some examples would be: ghoulish greens, putrid purples, otherwordly oranges and even a little zombie skin blue.

Can't wait to see the blocks in October!