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June Meeting Minutes

The meeting opened with an icebreaker, advice to sew small one-inch blocks. Some cute advice given and hints  were ‘sew straight, drink wine and don’t use such small blocks. Serious advice was to use gridded wonder under and sew in strips instead of individual blocks.
Yanick welcomed new guests Frank P. and Jane A. Twenty-seven members and guests were present.
Marge presented the current financial report with our current total balance of $6,934.50. Debra A. won the blog post book.
Pat won the lovely raffle basket put together by Rene, there were nearly a record breaking number of tickets sold at twenty eight.
The Maitland Library Exhibit will be in October, with the theme ‘What is Modern Quilting? Several members volunteered for the committee, including Beth, Mary, Karol, Marge and Debra. Sharleen presented the Mailtland Sew Day Charity project. It is a fabric backpack that will be given to the Orlando Womens’ and Children Center. Sharleen w…

July 2015 Block of the Month

Hello! I hope you're as excited as I am about this month's block. I know we haven't done a curved block yet and it's super scary to a lot of you, but I promise you can do it! Just sew a bit slower, pay a bit more attention, and you too can sew some curves. If you haven't ever sewn a curve, I would start with a drunkards path. It's a single curve, basically a quarter of a circle, and gives you a good base for this block since this is a few curves in a row. Follow the first link below for a drunkards path template to follow, and the second link is a great video to watch of the curve being sewn. Skip these links if you've sewn a curved block before!

Now on to this month's block! It's called Rolling Tide and it's by Alyssa Lichner of Pile o' Fabric. She is a great quilter, has a great online shop (I've ordered quite a few times!)…