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Sept 2012 Block of the Month

For September, we'll be making a variation of the traditional log cabin block that looks like a Wonky Donut. It is very forgiving and...practically no measuring!

Choose a white background and bright colors. I made two blocks, one with 1 1/2 inch scraps and another using 2 1/2 inch scraps, but any scrap will do, really. It would be nice if some of us made the small size donut while others made the larger size.

Start with a sort-of-square white piece that will be the center of the donut:

Add a strip to one of the sides and press the seam outward (all seams are to be pressed toward the outside):

Trim to the edges of the white center:

 Now trim a piece of the strip, to make it "wonky":

Pick the next scrap so it is long enough to cover the next side (the white part and the strip you just sewed):

Keep going around the block, adding a strip to each side, then cutting off a piece before moving to the next. Here is the block after adding the first 5 strips:

After two rounds of st…