Instructions - Taggies


(2) 14” squares of cute, happy baby flannel (launder before cutting). This may be prints or solids or a combination.

(6) 4” pieces of assorted ribbons. Please use only ½” – 1” wide ribbon. They can be satin, grosgrain, etc. No glitter please. Any washable ribbon.


1.  Place one piece of flannel right side up on table. Fold 4” ribbon piece in half making a loop. Looking at side one of your square, make a mark 4.5 inches from both corners. Pin a ribbon loop at each mark with loop on the flannel, with raw edges meeting raw edge of flannel and not extending off of the edge. Continue all around the flannel square attaching 6 ribbons and leaving side four without ribbons.

2.  Sandwich both flannel squares right sides together and with ribbons inside of the sandwich.

3.  Stitch around flannel square using a ½” seam allowance and leaving a 6” opening to turn on the side without ribbons.

4.  Turn right sides out and press being sure to push out the corners using a blunt tipped tool. Your ribbons should extend off of the square at this point.

5.  Edgestitch around square completely to close the Taggie and further secure the ribbons.

6.  The only “quilting” required is to top stitch an X by sewing from corner to corner or stitch a + by sewing from the center of one side to the center of the other side.

Hope you enjoyed this quick and easy project. Please know that your gift will be very appreciated by the hospital, the parents and the babies.


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