Instructions - Incubator Covers

Please make any quilt of your choice that finishes at approx. 48” x 66”. Feel free to use any quilt pattern, quilt panels or flannel in baby prints.

For backing please use only dark solids. That could mean dark to medium blue, dark fuchsia, orange, red, navy, black, or brown. Really any dark saturated color, no pastels that we would normally think of for a baby quilt. The backing could be cotton or even flannel.

Batting should be lightweight, mostly cotton.

To finish you may simply use the pillow turn method and then add some quilting or you may quilt and bind as usual. If you choose to bind, I would suggest using a machine binding method for extra sturdiness.
Once your quilt is received by the hospital it will be x-rayed, quarantined and washed before it is used.
Thank you for using your time and your fabrics to make this wonderful gift!


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