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Upcoming Board Meeting and Holiday Party

This Saturday is a double get together!
Join us at 9am for a quick board meeting to go over elections and other concerns/questions for the New Year! We will meet at the Panera's in Dr Phillips just prior to the Sew Day. If you are thinking about running for office and have any questions, join us to learn more!
Follow us afterwards at 10am to the Dr Phillips branch of OCPL for our annual HOLIDAY PARTY! Remember to wear your favorite Ugly Sweater, bring a dish to share, and your gift for our exchange. (Your gift must fit into a brown paper lunch bag for the swap.)
Hope to see you there!
*This Saturday is also the date to sign up for the Riley Blake Fabric Challenge in 2016 via email from The Modern Quilt Guild. If you are attending the holiday party, be sure to log into your email at the library to sign up for the fun!

January BOM

This month we will start with a little color theory: Are you more of a “WARM” color person, or are you, (like me), more into “COOL” colors? Warm colors are Red/Orange/Yellow, while Cool colors include Green/Blue/Purple. More information can be found at: and and of course many others.
We will use a block from the MQG Quilt of the Month for Nov. 2015. Quilt, (Jeweled), designed by Jessica Godfrey and given to the MQG members. This pattern can be found here: .
For our BOM, half of her diamond block will be considered one block. One block for the OMQG BOM will be 8” by 11.5”.
For our BOM, you will choose a color that represents you. (Choose one warm or one cool color). That color will be used for template A in the block. (Center triangle). Then choose one or two monochromatic or analogous fab…


Maitland, FL
Dec 2, 2015

President Yanick called the meeting to order.  38 members and 3 guests were present.

Karen Farr, a Juki representative, demonstrated one of the new Juki long arm machines available at the Sewing Studio.

Marge noted that November's raffle basket total was a new record--$36!  She has also prepared a line-item budget for 2016 that will shortly be submitted to the members for their approval.

.......was won by Alissa.

Kelly reported that the deadline is almost here!  You must notify her of any completed quilts from your UFO list by no later than Dec 10 to be eligible for this year's prize.  Winner will be announced at our holiday party.

Our annual party will take place on Sew Day at the Dr Phillips Library on Dec 19.  If you'd like to participate in the gift exchange, bring a homemade gift that will fit in a brown paper lunch bag.  We will also be having an Ugly S…

Descriptions of Officer Positions and Committee Chairs

PRESIDENT (elected by the members)
The President’s primary functions are overseeing the smooth running of the entire guild and making sure The Guild’s mission and purpose are being followed. The President must feel comfortable speaking in front of a large group of people. Knowledge of technology and social media is important. Organization is necessary and follow through is a must.
Tasks include, but are not limited to:

Arranges for, schedules and facilitates general meetings, sew days and board meetings.Assists, coordinates and approves the planning of monthly meetings and sew days.Prepares and posts the Agenda for monthly guild meetings and board meetings.Actively participates in leadership and decisions about topics such as annual planning, programs, events, challenges, budgeting and membership.Takes suggestions from all members under advisement, discusses relevant issues with the board, and …