Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some Details

This Friday and Saturday is the Florida Cabin Fever's Quilt Fever 2011 quilt show.  If you'd like to enjoy the show as a group, meet inside the entrance (after purchasing your ticket) at 10:00am on Saturday.  At 10:15 we will get started, so if you come after that, you'll have to find us ;-)

The quilt show is located at the Central Florida Fairgrounds, 4602 West Colonial Drive, Orlando, Florida.


The Modern Quilt Guild has announced the details of the second Project Modern Challenge.  Click on the links to read about the monochromatic challenge and the chance to win a Janome Horizon sewing machine.


It's not too late to consider taking a leadership role in the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild.  Email your interest (or questions) in being the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Program Coordinator, Membership Coordinator or Charity Chair by January 31st.


Planning ahead, we'd like to hear your suggestions on guest speakers and workshops.  What types of speakers and workshops interest you?  Is there a specific teacher you would like to see?

Please leave a comment if you plan to meet up with us at the quilt show so we'll know who to look for.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sew Day So Fun!

Our January Sew Day was so much fun, which is no surprise to those of us who have been attending. We had a chance to talk and eat and collaborate....

to play with new toys...

to design new projects...

design new quilts...

to trim...

iron and cut...

sew by hand...

and by machine.

:) And one of us anyway feels like she keeps bringing back the same unfinished projects every month,

while others are really knocking the projects out!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

OMQG January Sew Day

Date:  Saturday, January 15, 2011
Time:  10am-4:45pm
Location:  Southwest Branch of the Orlando Public Library
                  7255 Della Drive
                  Orlando, Florida
Bring:  sewing machine
             project to work on
             tools needed-rotary cutter, rulers, scissors, etc.

RSVP by leaving a comment.    Let us know what snack you are bringing and if you can bring an iron, ironing board, extension cord or cutting mat.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Robert Kaufman Sponsored Solids Challenge

Robert Kaufman has generously provided our guild with their Dusty Palette charm packs for a solids challenge.  Details were discussed at our January meeting and charm packs distributed.

Kona® Cotton Solids, Dusty Palette

Inside the charm packs are a rainbow of fabulous colors!  See below for a sampling and go here if you'd like to see them all.

Kona® Cotton
K001-1065 Celadon
Kona® Cotton
K001-1069 Champagne
Kona® Cotton
K001-1080 Coal
K001-1255Kona® Cotton
K001-1255 Nutmeg

Kona® Cotton
K001-1099 Deep Rose
Kona® Cotton
K001-1123 Dresden Blue


Kona® Cotton
K001-1285 Periwinkle
Kona® Cotton
K001-1294 Plum
Kona® Cotton
K001-1306 Raffia

What are you going to make with your charm pack?  Here are the guidelines for the challenge:

*Use the donated charm pack to create your idea of a modern quilt.
*You may add an additional 1/2 yard of fabric if you so like.
*There is no set size required, but the focus of the quilt should be the solids provided.
*This is not a competition; no judging will take place.
*The big reveal will be Monday, March 21st at our one-year anniversary SewCial event! 

If you would like to participate, but haven't received your charm pack yet, please leave a comment.
Can't wait to see everyone's interpretation and final quilt top!!!  

Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 2011 Guild Meeting

10 members were present for the January 5, 2011 meeting held in Maitland at the Sewing Studio from 10 am until Noon.


I.  Welcome
-Rene welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the year.
-The Minutes of the December 2010 Meeting were approved.
-Michele provided the Treasurer's Report.  Our current balance of funds is $496.25
In March, paid members will be given OMQG logo tote bags and membership cards.
-Birthday Fat Quarters were given to Judy.

II.  Quilt Challenge
Robert Kaufman is sponsoring a solids challenge for interested chapters of the Modern Quilt Guild.  OMQG members who are interested in participating are being given Charm packs of 44 solids. Kauffman asks that we take photos of the challenge results and blog about our participation. Our plan is to reveal the completed quilts (or quilt tops) at our evening Social Event on March 21st. We want to have as few rules as possible so we have come up with the following:  By accepting the charm packet you are agreeing to use the packet (some or all) to create an example of what modern quilting looks like to you and to bring it to the March 21st evening social event. You are welcome to add another 1/2 yard or so of fabric to the charms if you wish.  This is not a competition but simply a challenge to enjoy and share with your fellow quilters.

Here are some of the Kaufman Charm packets.
III.  Kathryn shared the member survey results.  Thanks to each of you for your participation.  It is so important that we have member feedback so that we can plan for the future.  An overview of what we discussed about the survey includes why people joined (networking, learning opportunities, and project participation), what members have enjoyed the most in the first year of the guild (networking, learning opportunities and sew days), and what everyone would like to participate in during the year ahead (meetings, sew days, charity projects, demos, workshops and show and tells). Members also expressed opinions on what types of learning opportunities we should provide in the future (long arm machines, fabric printing, stamping, painting and dying as well as applique and specific quilt block projects).  Members were also asked about how to use membership dues (supplement the cost of workshops, charity projects and a small gift to members with the OMQG logo).

Sample of the group logo on a t-shirt.
IV.  Quilt Books and Tools
Members shared stories, samples and photos of quilt related Christmas gifts including various books, software and tools.

V.  Other Guild Business
-The March 19th Sew Day happens to be National Quilting Day
-A social event, pot luck will be held on March 21st.  We have the library meeting room that evening from 6 til 9.  We are interested in inviting members of the public who would be prospective members to come and meet us and to see what we have been working on in the last year. Michele will work on fliers for this event.
-The Florida Cabin Fever Quilters Guild Show is to be held on January 21 and 22 at the Central Florida Fair grounds.  We decided that we would attend as a group on the second day of the show, Saturday, the 22nd.  We will meet at 10 am (show hours that day are 9-5) just inside the entrance after paying your entrance fee ($7.00).  We will wait until 10:15 for members before starting our journey through the show and the vendors area.
-Job Descriptions were discussed and all members are encouraged to seek a leadership role.  It is a great way to help make the group what you would like it to be and it is a wonderful opportunity to better know your fellow members. Please send your interest in any of the positions and/or your questions to Rene by email no later than Jan. 31.  We will be seeking to fill those slots during the Feb. 2, 2011 meeting.
-Reminder-our 8.5 inch Patriotic Blocks done strip paper piecing are to be brought to the Feb. 2nd meeting.
-For planning purposes we need to know both specific teachers members would like to have for workshops and specific topics for workshops.  Rene will put out a call to members with this question through email.  The recommendations will be considered based on survey results, members interests, cost and availability.
-Members share various useful (fee based) online tutorials including the Quilt University at  and Lynda at

VI.  Show and Tell

VII.  Door Prize
The door prize donated by Rene was won by Lisa.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

It's time to ring in the new year...time for new beginnings....time to set goals and resolutions.
What quilting goals  have you set?
How about including the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild in those goals....we have a great 2011 planned!

Find out more at Wednesday's (January 5) guild meeting from 10am-12pm at The Sewing Studio in Maitland.  Robert Kaufman is generously donating solid charm packs for our first challenge of the year, details of which will be revealed at the meeting.  Also up for discussion is January's quilt show, National Sew Day (March 15), OMQG's Sew-Cial to commemorate our one year anniversary, survey results, and upcoming officer elections.  Bring any new quilting books or tools you received for Christmas to show and tell.  If Santa didn't bring you any, bring in your favorite book or tool ;-)  As always, we love to see projects for Show and Tell.  Remember, it doesn't have to be completed.  It's great to see the progression of projects as well.  

Below is a listing and description of our officer positions.  As March is the start of our new year, we will "elect" new officers at our February meeting.  If more than one person is interested in a position, we will have a majority rule vote; otherwise, it will be a non-voting election.   Email if you are interested in taking on an officer position or if you have any questions regarding the positions.

• Arrange for, schedule and facilitate OMQG meetings and board meetings. 
• Assist/coordinate in planning monthly OMQG meetings. 
• Prepare agenda for monthly OMQG meetings. 
• Maintain Blog and Flickr accounts.
• Attend monthly guild meeting. 
• Attend guild board meetings. 

Actively participates in leadership and decisions about topics such as annual planning,
programs, events, budgeting and membership.

Primary function is to see to the smooth running of the entire guild. Must feel comfortable speaking in front of a large group of people. Organization is necessary and follow through is a must.

Before OMQG and board meetings, the President prepares agendas to be discussed.

Takes suggestions from all members under advisement. Works with individuals as needed.

Vice President
• Perform the duties of the president if needed, including running the monthly meeting. 
• Arrange and schedule workshops and other guild activities. 
• Assist in maintaining Blog and Flickr accounts. • Attend monthly guild meeting.
• Attend guild board meetings. 
Actively participates in leadership and decisions about topics such as annual planning, programs, events, budgeting and membership.

• Take notes and photos at monthly meetings. 
• Post monthly minutes to the group blog/web-page, including announcements, guild business, presentations, show and
tell, etc. 
• Assist in maintaining and contributing to Blog and Flickr accounts. 
• Attend monthly guild meeting. 
• Attend guild board meetings. 
Actively participates in leadership and decisions about topics such as annual planning,
programs, events, budgeting and membership.

• Maintain OMQG bank account including preparing reports for monthly meetings. 
• Pay any bills that may incur including reimbursements to members. 
• Handle membership dues collection throughout the year. 
• Maintain membership spreadsheet/database: including collecting new membership forms, entering data and keeping
records updated. 
• Helping create and maintain OMQG’s online documents and calendar. 
• Assist in maintaining Blog and Flickr accounts. 
• Attend monthly guild meeting. 
• Attend guild board meetings. 
Actively participates in leadership and decisions about topics such as annual planning,
programs, events, budgeting and membership.

Program Coordinator (2)
• Actively recruits member or guest speakers for each OMQG meeting. Talks with the speaker about what to present and offers help, encouragement and support.
• Encourage members to be presenters.
• Communicates program information for members via blog posts and/or calendars.
• Actively works on future month’s meetings: content, lectures, social events, sewing projects, etc. 
• Coordinates giveaways, challenges or events based on the program presented. 
• Have filler material or a ten-minute tutorial on hand in case a meeting runs short or program changes. 
• Attend monthly guild meeting. 
• Supports the planning, implementation, maintenance, and documentation of OMQG’s public programs and educational initiatives.

Membership Coordinator
• Actively recruit new members with an OMQG brochure or flyer at local quilt shops, quilt shows, links on related websites, etc.
• Promote benefits of membership. 
• Coordinate member discounts at local and online quilt shops, quilting venues, etc.

Charity Chair
• Coordinate annual charity project(s) and promote philanthropy for the guild. 
• Provide encouragement and instruction to members to fulfill charity projects.