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Meet Marge Cree

Hi, My name is Marge and I’ve been a member of the guild for around 6 years.I guess I was at the right place at the right time when I discovered the guild one Saturday at the Dr. Phillips Library Sew Day.Yes, I was one of those people that walked in but I didn’t have my little girl with me who wanted to learn how to sew or I didn’t have any pants to mend.Michele gave me a card and it was love at first sight!I was still working then so I only attended the monthly Sew Days but now that I’m one of the lucky ones, I’m retired and enjoy every aspect of the group.One retreat some of the members talked me into running for treasurer and I kept that office for 2 years.I would encourage anyone to join the leadership team, it was great fun.I’ve also made some great friends along the way.

My greatest achievements are my two girls and my husband of 47 years. Along with that came the best 2 grandsons in the world!I have sewed all my life and used to make clothes, back when it was cheaper to sew c…
Sew Day
Dr. Phillips Public Library
May 21, 2016

Thank You Mandy!

We were fortunate to host Amanda Leins on May 7th at the Bernina Sewing Centre. Mandy is the author of, "Wanderlust Quilts." What a great book! I love seeing her insight to her own creativity as well as learning a few things along the way! She has some wonderful ideas and stories. Her career in archaeology must have been fascinating! The book image above is linked to the book on Amazon, should you be interested in buying it. I picked one up from her at the class. Now that I think about it, I should have had her sign it!

The class we took was amazing. I learned a lot and it was just great to see an example and see how everyone in class worked to get their own images made into something tangible.

Abstract Quilt from a photograph
Each student will bring in a photo that we will then break down into its main component shapes.  I will teach how to enlarge the design using simple tools, and then show how to create and sew the piece from freezer paper templates.

Here are a few pho…

Our Guild is the Best.

I had to pop on, after today's sew day, and share some pictures and love. We had our Maitland Library Sew Day today. When I first went to this sew day I believe there were about 5 or 6 people there. It was cozy, quiet, and quaint. Well, that is a thing of the past! I mean, it is still cozy but quiet and tiny we are not! lol

There were 17 of us in attendance today. There were some people I did not even know! I did try to say hello to everybody though. It is a great place to make some new "quilties" as Alexis would say! Most people were working on the charity project for the month, making the mastectomy pillows. What a great project and cause. They are quick and easy and so very worthwhile.

Sharleen set a goal of 70 for the month and I hope we blow it out of the water! Our guild has grown quite a bit recently and I think it might be time for us to set our goals a bit higher now!

I am honestly, so very proud of our guild and it's members. I have never seen anything but …

Meeting Minutes

MEETING MINUTES Wednesday, May 4, 2016 Maitland, FL
President Alissa called the meeting to order; 50 members and 6 guests were present. ICEBREAKER Alissa asked those present to line up in birth date (month and day) order.  TREASURER’S REPORT
Mary, acting for Joan, who is out of town, gave the treasurer’s report, received membership forms and dues for 4 renewals and 1 new membership, and payment of class fees for 1 person attending this Saturday’s Mandy Leins class.

Education Coordinator Ede reviewed upcoming classes, including Mandy Leins this Saturday May 7th, Christa Watson on September 24th, our member Mary So. in November, Frank’s fabric dyeing class possibly in January, and Jacquie Gering next March 17-19. She led a discussion on frequency of classes and asked the guild whether a class every other month would be too many. She mentioned that we might be able to get Shannon Brinkley to teach on scrappy appliqué in August, unless the guild felt that was too much; there was …